Friday, August 17, 2012


Just last week my mom, me, and my brother went to Ohio to visit my grandparents. It was really fun. Here are some pictures of what we did while we were there. 

my mom, brother and grandpa at and Indians baseball game.

Our view from our seats.

a flag (duh)

seagulls at the lake

a little shop near my grandparents house that sells a bunch of candy and whatnot. 

the gigantic lake Erie.

my little bro driving a go cart

me driving a go cart

the duck pond by the lake

Saturday, July 21, 2012

San Diego

I was in San Diego for a week and it was AMAZING! I had so much fun with my entire family. (the drive back there was a little rough though) We went to the Zoo, and the beach so here are some pictures I took:
my uncle and cousin on the beach

me and my brother boogie boarding

pretty flower at zoo

berta on the drive

the river hog named "murphy"

my adorable cousin elisabeth who is four

all my cousins

the camel that disgusted us all by drooling

elisabeth with her braids that i did

elisabeth teaching me ballet

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I love taking pictures from different perspectives. It gives you a new point of veiw, helps you see things a new way. As I am sure you can see all these pictures are taking at different angles. My favorite angle is definately lower angles. I think it is because I am short. I don't really know. All these pictures were taken in our backyard. This will be my last post for a week since I leave for San Diego on friday. Fairwell!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Blog

this blog is my life in pictures. But what does my life look like and what do I take pictures of? Well, I live in California with my Dad, Mom, Brother and two mini dachshunds. I am home schooled and a christian. I believe we make our own adventurers in life and if you keep your eyes open for new and interesting things you will find that the world is an amazing gift God has given us. The way I do this is through pictures and words.  when I take a picture I am not just taking a picture, I am taking a souvenir of that moment. For me writing is a picture in words and photography is words in a picture.